Why Choose Garreth?

Under New Management: No-one wants the wrong Garreth. You can be sure if you get this Garreth, everyone in the office is going to thank you. Get Garreth Wilcock


He likes cars


He likes houses


He doesn't burgle

He was born in a hospital, but no hospital has been able to contain him for any extended period of time. He left the hospital. Sometimes he lives in Nottingham. Sometimes he doesn’t. He’s certainly no Gareth Wilcock.

Behind A Great Man

is a great place to stand


CEO 2015

Driving a supercharged Jaguar XJR around the UK. It was blue.


CFO 2017

Wearing a blue sweater and going to networking events

Sherlock Homes


Half-smiling in photos and driving a black cab around in Texas

G Meister

Kicking Names

Driving around for fun and pleasure in ridiculous vehicles, sometimes home-made. Not chopping my ankles off.